Proof Your Business

Eliminate hidden merchant fees while having your provider on speed dial. So you can get back to helping your customers, all with cutting edge technology. Elevate your mobility, enjoy responsive support, and experience the freedom of no lock-contracts.

A seamless blend of innovation and security tailored to elevate your business. Whether you seek enhanced mobility to align with contemporary trends, require expert assistance, in fraud protection and PCI compliance, or aim for effortless management of batching and recurring payments - you've arrived at the ideal destination. Explore a suite of solutions designed to propel your business forward. Your journey to efficiency and reliability starts here.

Our Services:

Schedule free payment consultation with Josiah LIppke
Payment Consultation

We look at your current fee structure and fix it so that it serves you and not the banks AND no more long term contracts

No hidden fees with Josiah Lippke fee optimization
Fee Optimization

No more hidden cryptic fees. We will work together so that you will never have to deal with rate increases again

Customer Support
Integration Support

No more waiting on hold for your provider one phone call and your are getting the support you need

Secure Payments
Secure Payments - end to end encryption - advanced security measures - fraud protection

Experience the assurance of utmost security for your transactions. Our commitment to safeguarding your data is reflected in cutting-edge security protocols, advanced encryption, and robust fraud protection measures. Rest easy, knowing that each payment is processed with meticulous attention to detail, prioritizing the safety and peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, our payment solutions are tailored to meet your distinct needs. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of customizable payment options, ensuring a seamless and personalized transaction processing experience designed exclusively for you.

Payment Solutions
Payment Solutions - Customizable payment solutions to fit your business needs
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration - seamless and easy transition - upgrade with cutting edge technology

Recognizing the time investment involved in upgrades or switches, we ensure a seamless transition from you and your customers. No waiting required - experience a swift and smooth integration process that keeps pace with your business needs.